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Confidently teach every reader in your classroom. Still have time to live your life.


I absolutely loved this course and have recommended it to our entire district. For the first time ever, I feel confident knowing that I have the tools I need to teach reading well!

-Sarah, experienced 1st grade teacher

Join before the doors close until spring!


You KNOW you need a strategy

for teaching a room of diverse learners.

Just look at your class!

You have students who struggle with the most basic of reading skills. And in the same room, you have learners reading a grade level or more above their peers.

Differentiation is a must.

But there are so many moving pieces ...

Assessing. Grouping. Managing. Organizing.


Can you really find time in an already-packed day?

You’re not sure how, but you know you SHOULD.

It’s keeping you up at night.


Eventually, you create a system that begins to work. You meet with small groups. You confer one-on-one. You prepare engaging literacy centers.

But you have a new set of challenges ...

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  • You have so many questions. How many guided reading groups should you have? How long should you meet with them? What should you accomplish in each session?
  • You know reading conferences are important. But half the time you feel tongue-tied because you’re not sure what to say next.
  • And the rest of the class? You’re trying to keep them busy at literacy centers. But you’re tired of spending hours of prep Every. Single. Weekend.

Here's where you're getting stuck.

High on energy and life, you give it your all ...

only to CRASH AND BURN after
spending too much time at school.

You try to meet with small groups and individuals,
but the rest of your students interrupt you.


You're overwhelmed.



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Because you want the best for ALL your students.


Your heart hurts for your readers who struggle even to rhyme.

You want faster progress for your students
who painfully plod through every book they read.

You desire more for your advanced readers,
who have learned that reading is only a class to be endured.

And you're concerned about the rest of your students,
who often get lost in the shuffle.



Even if you think that your days

are already too full ...


That you can't reasonably, effectively, and efficiently differentiate for 25 unique kids without losing your mind or being at school 60 hours per week ...

It's time to think again.

Introducing ...


a comprehensive online course from Anna Geiger, M.Ed. & Becky Spence, M.Ed.


With step-by-step training and support, you will ...

  • Pinpoint what your students need to learn with easy-to-use assessments.
  • Accelerate student learning through small, needs-based groups.
  • Meet students exactly where they are through dynamic one-on-one conferences.
  • Keep the rest of the class learning with year-long, easily-differentiated centers.
  • Save hours of time with a huge variety of brand new, low-prep activities.

And most importantly ...

Stop teaching to the middle, and

start teaching EVERYONE.


Recommended by teachers just like you

"Teaching Every Reader is extremely detailed, well laid out, well presented and has an enormous amount of games, tips, and printables.  

In the past I’ve always felt bad about the struggling and advanced readers, since they are never working at their level. I now have the tools that I need to fix that problem!"

 Hilde, kindergarten teacher

This is the most in-depth reading course for teaching primary readers that I have come across. I highly recommend it!

Angelina, 2nd grade teacher

"I love the the practical tips for how to make everything fit together in a 'real world' classroom. I have my MA in Literacy Instruction, but never did I have such good examples of how to actually use all the conceptual data I learned in the real world.

Now my students are more engaged and do more quality work for longer periods, on a daily basis."

Michelle, 2nd grade teacher

"Teaching every reader is the best online course I have ever taken."

Abbie, Special education director/teacher for K-8

Training videos, printable assessments, templates, cheat sheets,
and dozens upon dozens of brand-new, easily-differentiated activities.



Understand the Big Picture


Before you dive in, you need clarity on a few key elements. In this module you'll:

  • Unlock the core components of reading instruction.
  • Discover how to avoid the 9 mistakes that many reading teachers make.
  • Understand the most common balanced reading frameworks.

Master All the Details

Now it's time to get practical! In our second foundation module, we work through all the logistics. In this module you will ...

  • Learn how to create an inviting classroom library with our organization guide and editable book bin labels.
  • Use our tips and sample schedules to design a reading block that allows you to meet the demands of your current program AND differentiate.
  • Learn exactly what to teach next with our easy-to-use assessment bundle for K-2 learners.

Make the Most of Small Groups

Small groups are the heart of differentiated instruction, and in this module you'll get answers to all your questions. 

  • Learn how to group students for instruction.
  • Create a realistic guided reading schedule that actually works.
  • Get lesson templates and detailed sample lessons so you know exactly what to say and do.
  • Download our guided reading teaching tips for every level. 
  • Use our teacher prompts to help students grow in word solving, fluency, and comprehension.

Teach Students to Read Independently

You know that your students need regular, consistent practice to improve their reading - but how can you help them make the most of this time? In this module you will ...

  • Learn how to help your students choose "just right" books that will move them forward as readers.
  • Discover what your pre-readers are doing during this important time.
  • Meet your students exactly where they are through dynamic reading conferences.
  • Design a partner reading system that actually works.
  • Learn management techniques that will build reading stamina for every student.

Design engaging, year-long literacy centers

After you learn how to teach small groups and individuals, an important question remains. What are the rest of your students doing? In this module you will ...

  • Learn the 7 signs that you need to reevaluate your literacy centers.
  • Discover the best tips for effective literacy centers - that won't burn you out.
  • Master the management system that will make center time a success.
  • Get tons of examples of engaging, low-prep literacy centers that you can use all year long.
coursemodule 6.png

Build phonological and phonemic awareness

Learn practical, engaging ways to build a solid reading foundation!

  • Learn more than a dozen ways to build word awareness.

  • Download song lyrics, word lists, and in-a-minute activities to teach the concept of syllables.

  • Get a mega list of rhyming words, rhyming books, and engaging student activities.

  • Grab word lists and activities to teach phoneme isolation, blending, segmenting, and deletion/addition.

  • Build your toolkit with picture cards, puzzles, file folder games, clip cards and more - all easy to print and use!

coursemodule 7.png

Develop a strong phonics foundation

Understand the important role that phonics plays in teaching beginning reading, and learn exactly how to teach it to K-2 learners.

  • Get a printable sequence for teaching phonics skills.
  • Learn the important pieces of an effective phonics lesson.
  • Discover how to help kids who struggle with letter recognition.
  • Learn how to teach phonics through blending, word building, and word sorts.
  • Grab printable word lists to make planning your lessons a snap.
  • Learn strategies for teaching kids to read multisyllable words.
  • Download picture cards, puzzles, small group games, and editable student activities!
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coursemodule 8.png

Promote fluency

Teach your students to read accurately, at a good rate, and with proper expression.

  • Learn over a dozen effective ways to build fluency.

  • Discover the 7-step method to teaching sight words ... that works.

  • Get 20 different ways to build sight word knowledge.

  • Download editable flash cards, sight word phrases, file folder games, and more.

coursemodule 9.png

Teach reading comprehension strategies

Learn the what, why, and how of reading comprehension strategies in K-2.

  • Get a simple overview of 11 reading strategies.
  • Discover how to fit strategy instruction into an already packed day.
  • Grab our printable teacher prompts, tips, and book lists - created specifically for K-2 learners.

Help your students understand fiction

Have you ever had your students given you a blank look when you asked what a story was about? This module will give you the tools you need to help your students understand fiction.

  • Learn how to fit reading comprehension instruction into an already packed day.

  • Download tips and lists of mentor texts for teaching story elements.

  • Discover the important do's and don'ts for designing reading response activities.

  • Get comprehension cards, center activities, and editable reading response sheets.

fiction dark.png
coursemodule 11.png

Promote comprehension of nonfiction text 

Nonfiction is challenging. How do we help our youngest learners make sense of what they read? 

  • Learn how to teach text structure in a ways that makes sense for K-2.
  • Help your students use text features to aid comprehension.
  • Learn how to teach the challenging concept of main idea and details.
  • Discover important do's and don'ts for assessing comprehension.
FICTION image.png
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Build vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is essential for readers of any age. This module will help you boost your students' vocabulary.

  • Learn how to determine which words to teach.

  • Discover how to teach new vocabulary through whole class read alouds.

  • Make a plan for teaching vocabulary in other parts of your day.

  • Grab book lists, printable bookmarks, puzzles, and worksheets - all designed to build a strong vocabulary in K-2.

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As a member, you will receive ...

  • Permanent access to the course modules*
  • All future updates to the course at no extra cost
  • Access to our two bonus modules: Running Record Essentials & Quick Tips for Struggling Readers*

  • Free access to all future bonus modules

  • A certificate for 20 hours of continuing education credits**
  • Community and collaboration in the private Facebook group
  • Access to 7 live videos in the private Facebook group with quick teaching tips and 7 brand-new bonus printables
  • Coaching and support from Anna and Becky within the Facebook group for the entire 8-week period
  • Our money back guarantee - if you're unsatisfied for any reason, you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

*We'll be rolling out 1-2 modules per week for the 8-week duration of the course. Bonus modules will be released in the final week.

But take as long as you need to complete the course, because your account doesn't expire! You have access for as long the course is online.

**Each state's requirements are different, so we ask that you check with your district office prior to registration.

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Anna Geiger & Becky Spence

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Anna Geiger, M.Ed., has classroom experience from first through fifth grade. After earning her Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction, she began caring for her children at home. Five years ago, Anna began a role of teacher support through her blog, The Measured Mom. Each month Anna reaches millions of educators with her hands-on lessons, thoughtful articles, and printable resources.

Becky Spence, M.Ed., has taught kindergarten and first grade, served as a private reading tutor, and is currently homeschooling her children. Becky reaches a wide audience of parents and teachers through her blog, This Reading Mama, where she shares curricula, printable resources, creative lessons, and literacy apps.

Here's what teachers are saying

"After taking this course, my guided reading lessons are so much better. My students are excited to read to me and are always asking, 'Is it my turn to read with you today?' My principal wants others to observe my guided reading lessons!"

Karen, grade 1 and literacy lead teacher

"After taking this course, I feel far more prepared to teach reading in small groups than I ever have, especially in understanding the sequence in teaching phonemic awareness and phonics. I love the structured way the class is set up, and there are a TON of resources."

Robyn, K-2 special education teacher

"Even though I have worked with students for over 20 years, my confidence has grown because of this course. Teaching Every Reader is well-organized and very informative. Each module is thorough and delivered in a clear, concise manner. I’m so glad to have unlimited access to the modules. They will be a great reference in the months and years to come!"

Ann, Title 1 Paraprofessional

"After Teaching Every Reader, My small group instruction has improved dramatically! The planning sheets and teaching tips really help me to give each lesson a better focus and structure. 

I have been teaching for many years, but this is the first time that I feel I have a clear understanding of the whole picture and not just one particular aspect of reading - and I have a much better idea of how to fit all the different aspects into my day! I feel much more confident and I can already see improvements in my students' reading!"

Carol, Kindergarten teacher


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Let's Sum it All Up

Teaching Every Reader is the comprehensive online course that will give you the tools and training you need to teach every reader in your K-2 classroom.

You will learn how to design a realistic reading block, make a doable plan for assessment, plan effective small group lessons, teach students one-on-one ... and keep the rest of the class learning at the same time.

The course includes

  • 12 course modules

  • Over 60 quick training videos

  • A 50-page assessment bundle

  • 25+ printable charts and cheat sheets

  • Over 100 easily-differentiated activities that you can use in a variety of settings: whole group, small group, one-on-one, and at centers.

You'll also get

  • Our two bonus modules: Running Record Essentials & Quick Tips for Struggling Readers

  • All future updates to the course - free

  • All future bonus modules - free

  • Community, coaching and support in our private Facebook group

  • An invitation to 7 live calls in the Facebook group - with quick teaching tips and 7 bonus printables!

  • A certificate for 20 hours of continuing education credits




Teaching Every Reader is what we wish we had when we began teaching over 15 years ago! We're confident you'll love our templates, cheat sheets, training, and printables. However, if you're unsatisfied for any reason, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.





Choose the Plan that's Right for You



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Join before the doors close!


We heard that you have questions ...

When does the course start and finish?

When you sign up, you'll receive immediate access to the first foundation module. Then, beginning on September 24, we'll be sharing 1-2 modules each week for eight weeks. A little busy? Don't worry about getting behind! The course is self-paced. 

How long do I have access to the course content?

Your membership doesn't expire. In fact, you'll have access to Teaching Every Reader for as long it's online. Should we ever retire the course, we'll be sure to give you plenty of heads-up so you can download everything  you need.

I'm a homeschooler. Is this course for me?

You'll absolutely learn the essentials of what it means to teach reading well, and you'll get incredible use out of the student printables and activities. But we want to be up front - the course is designed for classroom teachers. You may find that many of the management and teaching tips don't apply to the homeschool setting.

I'm a reading specialist or tutor. Should I take this course?

Absolutely. The value of the printed resources in Modules 6-12 is more than the cost of the course. The exception would be if all of your students are at a very low developmental level. If it is unlikely that the students in your care will get past pre-reading skills, this course is not for you.

Is this course a complete curriculum?

Teaching Every Reader is a flexible guide, not a curriculum. We've designed the templates, cheat sheets, and printables to be used in any K-2 classroom.  

I'm most interested in the incredible printable resources. How can I purchase those?

The assessments, teaching tips, and student activities are exclusive to the course and not available elsewhere. They're easy to download right within the lessons.

Can I get support from the instructors?

Anna and Becky look forward to coaching and supporting you in the Facebook group for the entire eight weeks. We'll also be hosting seven live calls within the group.

Do I need to have a Facebook account to take the course?

No. The Facebook account is so that you may communicate and collaborate with your fellow teachers in the course. It's also the place where your instructors will talk about the lessons, offer extra teaching points as appropriate, answer your questions about teaching reading, and host two live coaching calls. 

While you'll miss being part of the live calls, we'll upload the bonus printables to the course.

Please note: since we will not be offering individual coaching through e-mail, you will be doing a self-study version of the course if you choose not to have a Facebook account. That's perfectly fine! 

Will I get continuing education credits?

Each student will receive a certificate for 20 hours of continuing education credits upon completing the course.  This certificate can be used for professional development hours if your school, district, or employer accepts them. Please note that we don't actually provide the CEU's; this is usually done through your district office or employer. Since each state's requirements are different, we ask that you check with your district office prior to your enrollment.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If the course isn't what you dreamed of, you may contact us within 30 days of purchase for a refund. 


Choose the Plan that's Right for You



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Join before the doors close until spring!


Questions? Contact us at

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The Timeline

Saturday, September 15, 2018 8 AM CST ... The doors open for enrollment

Sunday, September 23, 2018, 9 PM CST ... The doors close

Monday, September 24, 2018 ... The course begins!

Monday, November 19 ... The course officially ends, but you're welcome to log in and review anytime you'd like!